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Veterinary Testimonials

“Doc did a great job on Lucy! Thanks!”
Josie Hensel

“Holly rates A++ in our opinion. She explains things to us in a professional way, is friendly and caring, always returned our phone calls quickly. To me Holly is an absolute gem in Dr. Harrison’s crown.”
Carolyn Hebble

“Dr. Harrison did a great job on Cody’s leg. Thank you.”
Woody Green

“Great Service – 2nd time used.”
David Davis

“Tiger is doing fine!”
Wayne Cooper

“Dr. Harrison and staff were great! Sully is slowly recovering but we hope he is back to his playful self soon.”
Jason and Amy Cook

“Dr. Harrison and all his staff were concerned, patient with me and took very good care of Dandy. Dandy did great. Thank you so much.”
Rick and Jackie Calvelage

“Zack has full use of his leg. He is running and jumping, limp is almost gone. Our thanks to Dr. Harrison and his wonderful staff. Amazing job!! Thanks” 
Connie Post

“Chloe is doing well. We are all pleased with her results and the care given by Dr. Harrison and the staff.” 
Traci Wolfe

“I have a hard time getting around and the staff is always very helpful and willing to help me.”
Dixie Sampson

“Very attentive to our questions. Professional staff. Thanks!”
Tom Bloomer

“Since we had a distance to travel, the appointments were very convenient.”
Karen Androsae

“Everyone was very concerned whenever I had a question. I would recommend Dr. Harrison to everyone. Open appointments on Monday and Wednesday were helpful.”
Barbara Brake

“Willy chewed the corner off this card.”
John Biddle

“Dr. Harrison and your team are the best. Thanks for what you did for Woof. She is doing great.”
Michael Brinkman

“Jake is recovering very well. Very nice staff. Nice to be able to call with questions after surgery and beyond. Highly recommended!”
Jim and Debbie Tribby

“Thank you for your care. Lilly is getting stronger and has taken a couple of steps on her own.”
Jane Bauer

“Thank you very much for taking such good care of my boy Clyde. The whole staff is awesome.” 
Jim Oldham

“Wonderful work! JJ has made a great turn around. He is back to his playful self. I would recommend your office and work to anyone with pet leg needs.”
Jade and Joel Henderson

“We thank you for getting Max back on his feet and feeling good again.”
Dick Allen

“Dr. Harrison and his staff were wonderful to work with. Thanks for giving Chloe a better quality of life!!”
Ben and Jen Thoma

“I am grateful for your services.”
Leann Birko

“We were very satisfied. The dog is doing great. Thank you very much.”
Joan Bolen

“Thank you.” 
Jan Gray

“Dr. Harrison is a very compassionate individual and very through. We felt very comfortable in his care with his staff as well. Excellent care and compassion.” 
Robin Clodfelter

“My dog wouldn’t be this well if not for Dr. Harrison. We tell everybody here in south center Ohio about the good work you guys do.”
Mr. Jay Lozada

“Reese continues to improve and gain strength in her leg/hip. We appreciate the care given her and the timely manner in which it was given.”
Ms. Joyce Johnson

“Brita has full use of her legs after bilateral knee repairs within one year. Thank you very much. I would refer your services to everyone.”
Ms. Tamira Thomas

“The service that Dr. Harrison and his staff provides was great!! Very professional and attentive. Thanks again.”
Carol Albert

“Completely satisfied!”
Susan Dietz

“Thank you for all of your help. If we need you we will be back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”
Margaret Williams

“Thank you for helping our dear friend Abby. She is doing great.”
Brenda Cole

“This is our third surgery with Dr. Harrison. We would not go anywhere else.” 
Dennis and Deedra Passwater

“Bucca stopped limping the day after the surgery.” 
Julie Murphy

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and care my dog received. She has recovered very well.”
Cindy Brandi

“Can't believe how quick the surgery was performed.” 
Kayla Harman

“I am so-o-o grateful to you and your staff. I can’t thank you enough for returning my calls so quickly and relieving my anxieties. Tess is walking!”
Ms. Virginia Skidmore

“Everyone was very helpful – explaining from start to finish. Dr. Harrison answered all our questions professionally. A-ONE staff!”
Eric and Judy Shaeffer

“Was pleased with the excellent care and concern for Max during and after his surgery.”
Carole and Tom Corder

“This is the 2nd pet we have had Dr. Harrison operate on. The 1st was around 1995 or 1996 always-great results.”
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Passwater

“Chelsea is herself again. She's doing great. Thank you for a wonderful job and for your kindness. We will recommend you to others.”
Mr. Charles Drowns

“Thank you for taking such good care of Ellie. She is still recouping, but is much better.”
Penny Niedermier

“We could not be happier with the results of Lake's ACL surgery. The staff was extremely friendly and caring. We were able to schedule the surgery the same day of our appointment.” 
Brian and Katie Dabbelt

“Thank you so much for all your care of Bella. You gave her and us more time together.”
Leanne Ballard

“Dr. Harrison has taken care of all four of our dogs. Hips, knees and a broken leg. We recommend him to everyone.”
Lynne Moore

“The treatment of Brownie was first class and very professional. A very heart felt thanks.”
Mr. Michael Davis

“I was very pleased with Tobar’s overall outcome. Thank you very much!”
Ms. Amanda Frazier

“My experience with Dr. Harrison was pleasant and professional. Willow is doing very well. Thank you!”
Evelyn Friend

“Dr Harrison’s nurses Lori and Nancy were very helpful, helping me with my dog Noah, bringing him in and out of the doors. Thank you.”
Betty Tipton

“I was impressed with the clinic and the people working there, and especially Dr. Harrison and his staff!”
Dennis Chapman

“Bandit’s recovery was better than I ever thought it would be. He is doing very well, since it has only been 5 weeks. Very pleased”
Helen Vance

“All of the staff was great and easy to reach at all times. Thanks!”
Phyllis Chansler

”Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Harrison is a very compassionate and caring man,”
Bob and Darlene Beane

”We were thrilled with the results of the surgery, a miracle!”
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas

”Doc was great as was the staff! Positive experience and great results so far. As long as I can keep him calm for 2 more months. Thank you so much!”
Ms. Martha Cull

”This was Maggie’s second surgery by Dr. Harrison, as always an excellent job. Thanks a million for your concern.”
Joey Brewster

”I thank you very much for the care and attention you guys gave scamp! He is doing great now. Thanks again!!”
Janis Miller

”Sugar is almost back to normal. Thank you and your staff very much!!”
Bettye Southwood

”Dr. Harrison and the entire staff were fantastic, compassionate, and highly competent and approachable. My post-op questions were answered with patience and concern.”
Wayne Langguth

”Impressed with expertise, the successful operation on a 3lb dog and his patience with mommy. Everyone was very professional.”
Ms. Ashley Ruth

”I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you!”
Ms. Abbey Taylor

”I was satisfied with the Dr., staff and everything.”
Olivia Smith

”The best people available!”
Brian Wilhelm

”We are so happy! Asa is too!”
Ms. Kathleen Phelan

”Dr. Harrison, Kiffy and Holly were exceptional in their care, helpfulness and communication.”
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Musick

”Very helpful to us in our time of need. Thank you!”
Erica Frazier

”I am very pleased with the way Furby is doing. He is running around and playing, something he couldn’t do before surgery.”
Patti McGlothen

”This is the second time we have used Dr. Harrison and staff. Both times everything was great!”
Ms. Lauren Bodey

”Thank you for a great job. Winnie and her family thank you.”
Ms. Vivian Washington

”This is the 2nd experience we have had with the clinic. Both have been good experience’s, Casey’s recovery’s went well. Thanks to the Dr’s. expertise and caring.”
Ms. Debra Shade

”Thank you for your services. You and your staff are very kind. A wonderful job!!”
Ms. Jaima Mahaney

”I was very happy, I contacted a nurse twice, and received a call back a.s.a.p.”
Doug Thoma

”I think Dr. Harrison did an excellent job. Everyone in the clinic was very nice.”
Shauwn Peets

”To have such a talented surgeon so close to home is such a blessing. When calling the staff after hours, they were so very helpful.”
Marcy Beatty-Gary

”Great Work — Great People”
Rick DeGrazio

”This is our second surgery with our dog here. I like that we pay once, and all of our visits are covered under that one payment.”
Ms. Karen Karhoff

”Dr. James Harrison is the greatest! Very professional, very caring, and a great surgeon. Thank you Dr. Harrison!!”
James and Loretta Varner

”Lori was great in answering post-operative questions.”
Angela Barker

”Cindi got very good care. She is healing very well. I appreciate the follow up.”
Elsie Beachler

”Thank you very much for the excellent work and assistance.”
Katherine Cooper

”You all were great, thanks for everything. Gizmo is doing great!! Merry Christmas!”
Ms. Tracy Elekonich

”Lily was treated great! The staff was very friendly, we even called after hours, and they were very helpful. Thank you!”
Lisa Riley

”Dr. Harrison and his staff were very professional and good with K-Cee-Jo. K-Cee-Jo had a very serious injury, and was so glad to see Dr. Harrison!”
 Ms. Joann Brown

”Very impressed with the Dr. and staff.”
Mr. Scott Coffman

”Smooth running office! Thank you Dr. Harrison for taking the time to explain the problem. Nicky is doing well and still trying to escape!”
Ms. Norma Stork

”Nancy was great, easy to reach and reassuring, and didn’t hesitate to meet me a DEVC to get collar and replace staples. Thanks”
Dixon and Liz Switzer

”Dr. Harrison and his staff were very professional and a welcome relief for Josie. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Mr. George Ayers

”Thank you so much for helping Max. He is so much happier now.”
Ms. Sharon Eikholt

”Klondike is active and showing no signs of surgery.”
Mr. John Leugers

”Could not have gone to a better place. Thank you!!”
Mr. Travis Hartwig

”I think the staff went out of their way to provide Daisy with good service and care. Thank you all!!”
Mr. Robert Groves

”Thank you again for helping my little dog recover from her accident.”
Ms. Jackie Wilson

”Tremendous job!...and affordable.”
Mr. Clem Nutter

”Shirley (office manager) went out of her way to explain things and make us comfortable. A plus for her too!”
Ms. Jane Craddock

”I’m overwhelmingly happy with the service!! Holly has recovered so rapidly, I can’t believe it! Thanks so much.”
Ms. Cathy Rock

”Everyone was very kind and understanding. I really appreciated the prompt call back when I had a question. Emmy seems to be doing well. Thanks.”
Ms. Betty Fagerstrom

”We are totally pleased with all aspects of our experience with your facility.”
Mr. Donald Ignatius

”We love you guys! Xxoo Bob dog, Lisa, and Jack”
Ms. Maribeth Deavers

”Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on Sassy. She can now run and play again, Thank God for people like you! May God bless you and your staff.”
Mr. Joseph Stimerns

”I was very impressed with the professionalism and genuine concern for Merle. Thank you for everything.”
Ms. Rebecca Ransdell

”I appreciate having Dr. Harrison and his skill in my community to service my dogs!”
Ms. Maribeth Deavers

”Having 2 of these procedures done on Binx in 6 months, I can’t tell you how very pleased I’ve been with the way you handle it all! Thanks!”
Ms. Margie Dvorak

”I sincerely appreciate all the care and concern given us by Dr. Harrison and staff. Hannah is doing great.”
Ms. Dianne Bruner

”I could not have asked for a sweeter or more concerned staff. I felt very comfortable and am very pleased with Chloe’s recovery. Thanks,”
Ms. Tiffany McQuire

”As I jokingly said, when I met you “I’m almost afraid to meet you, due to the finest esteem that Dr’s. Fulk and Taylor have for you. I thought I may be meeting God.” We are pleased very much.”
Mr. Harold Koehler

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